Group or Individual Therapy

How do you know if individual or group psychotherapy is more appropriate for you? There’s no need to worry if you’re not clear on what’s best. At our initial session a large part of our discussion will be devoted to assessing your needs and discussing your options.

Many walk through the door thinking they know precisely which modalitythey prefer and leave with a much different perspective. We suggest that you stay open to both modalities until we’ve had a chance to reflect on what’s best for you.

Even so, here’s a quick sketch of the two modalities as a starting point

Individual Therapy
  • Entails once or twice-weekly sessions that are one-to-one in nature and last 50 minutes each
  • Allows the client to direct the focus of the therapy sessions more easily
  • Is easier to adapt to medium-term duration strategies (3 -12 months of therapy) but can be open-ended as well.

Group Therapy
  • Entails weekly or twice-weekly sessions consisting of up to 8 clients and the therapist lasting 90 minutes each
  • Allows one to benefit from the experiences of the other clients in the group
  • Assists those who have difficulty interacting socially to practise their social skills
  • Is usually open-ended
  • Is less-expensive than individual psychotherapy

At your initial assessment, we’ll discuss the options so that you can decide what’s best for you.
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