The services provided at Phocus reside within two primary areas –

Core Psychotherapy and Addiction Services.
Core Psychotherapy

Clients taking advantage of the Core Psychotherapy offering often come for help with issues such as stress and anxiety, depression, bereavement, problems with maintaining or forming relationships, abuse, and post-traumatic stress. The psychotherapy provided may be either group or individual in nature, at the client’s request. We will, however, make a recommendation as to the most appropriate mode of therapy during your initial assessment. more

Addiction Services

Clients who wish to focus on issues related to substance misuse or addictive behaviours like gambling and eating disorders take advantage of the Addiction Services offering. We utilise a diverse array of therapeutic disciplines, such as cognitive-analytic therapy and psychodynamic approaches, to help clients to understand better their addictive patterns and, hopefully, to overcome them. As with Core Psychotherapy, both individual and group approaches are used and this, amongst other issues, will be discussed at your initial assessment. more

At your initial assessment, we’ll discuss the options so that you can decide what’s best for you.
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